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It is often said that the key to a good job is to have a better outlook, a higher salary, a better job, and more training opportunities. In my opinion, the first sign of good or bad work is the advantages and disadvantages of office chairs. There have been articles, NOKIA bankruptcy is due to its high welfare, this view is really puzzling. Not to mention NOKIA, said the status quo, there are still a few companies dare mention "welfare"? With the continued downturn in the global economy, a large number of business people can only take the economy class travel, usually limited office space, crowded stations, and even some companies even ordinary paper cups are difficult to ensure adequate supply. Thus, when the halo is no longer a comfortable office chair, it is particularly valuable. Extreme point of view, the staff seat good company, the basic treatment is not bad. In the right corporate governance, Fredmund Malik (Fredmund Malik) wrote: "when the company management from the reality, found that the real benefits to employees welfare". So can reflect the care of enterprises in the subtle, often have strong operational strength.

Friends to talk to the public relations business, and ultimately did not talk about. Chatted about the reason, he said, a person was invited to the office meeting, the total is the seat backrest, waist, want to change the chair, and the inconvenience. The business did not talk about two hours, waist first stand, see each other still tuomohengfei speaking with vision, friends could not help but interrupted: "first so, after talking with." So there is no future.

From the "Di Haoxing furniture located in China furniture manufacturing center, Chinese furniture raw materials are" reputation of Guangdong Shunde Longjiang Town, di Haoxing is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of office chairs, nearly 15 years of hard work, has laid a solid foundation and development power. Now, we join the home office and the office environment and professional cooperation, for the development of creative thinking into the office chair, "environmental protection, human nature, the future" fusion "SEATING FO FUTURE, sitting on the future" business philosophy, together with you to create a comfortable office chair. Contribute to your cause, a total of brilliant innovation.

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